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Flare wolfy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Flare | 13y | female | bi | currently: TAKEN |♐

I'm an obnoxious annoying Teenager who draws nonstop. Lol. I like to make friends! Just talk! I don't bite! (Normally lol) I'm obsessed with the last of us, and ellie is my baby. Deal with it. I play violin, and I plan on either being a vet or video game designer when I'm older OWO ((hell or both! XD)) I've got a bad swearing habit, I'm a music freak, I RP 24/7 and I love my bros c: //screeches// FLARE OUT


| Love struck | Hyper | Excited| Happy | Calm | Hostile | Pissed| Angry | Upset | Mixed Emotions | Neutral | Sleepy | Nostalgic | Uncomfortable | Confused | Sad | Distraught| Insecure | Crying | Jumpy | Anxious | Frightened | Deathly Afraid | Content | Shy | Anti-social | Lonely | Pained | Hurt | Overwhelmed | Emotional | Friendly | Energetic | Peaceful | Cocky | Sexual | Lazy | BOSS ASS BITCH | Insane | Annoyed |

Physical Status

| Perfectly fine | In Good Shape | Great | Okay | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Throwing up | Aching | (hot glue gun) Burns | Bruised | Sick | Boo-boo |Wounded | Hospitalized | Recovering | On Medication | Infection | Paralyzed | Broken Bones | Dying | Bad Glitch | Shot | Stabbed | Coughing Up Blood | High As Fudge | Just Got Hurt In The Dumbest Way Possible | Dying | Dead | Tortured |

Mental Status

| Perfectly Fine | Fine | Getting Better | Getting Worse | Depression | Losing It | Lost It | Batshit Insane| Psychopathic rage | Seeing Things | Intense Paranoia | Delusional | Lost Touch With Reality | Amnesia | Re-living Traumatic Event | Suicidal | Hearing Things |

Significant Problems For The Day:

| Relationship problems | Genderbent | Sick | Beaten up | Died | Died (inside) | None | Other | ROLLING |

Love Life

| in a relationship | had first kiss | had first date | asked out | given / gave a love letter | flushed crush | crushing big time | crushing a little | stalker crush | yandere crush | married | single |

other websites i use:

DA Fursuitimg account

DA Adopt account


note me (must be close friend)

Chicken smoothie:

Inspirations (in no order)

:icontoxicpawprint: :iconspaggled: :iconfraxured: :iconaurorafinn: :icongriffsnuff: :iconvorpalbeast: :iconinsaneroman: :iconleodrolf: :iconsixbane: :iconlucky978: :iconmiiroku: :iconnevaeh-lee: :iconred-p4nda: :iconverceline: :iconahy0ka: :iconbrokenbound:


Adoptables11 = my wife
doctorscompanion10 = my Amazing girl <33333
icis101 = my cookie
nyancat93 =kid who likes trains
Shadow-Star42 = cthulianite
Toxicpawprint = marshmallow
AHY0KA = my internet sis

art for me

"no mercy" by BrokenBound

"satanic hurricanes" by AHY0KA

"spoiler" by AuroraRaw

I appreciate every comment, watch, fave, llama, etc. but you do not need to thank me for returning the favor/for doing any of those things :D I did it for a reason


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Halloweenified character (two characters)
Halloweenified {adoptables11} by flare-goes-OM
For the info, go here…
Halloweenified character (one character)
Halloweenified scooter { shadow-star42} by flare-goes-OM
Holloweenified flare by flare-goes-OM
Halloweenified ink by flare-goes-OM
For the info go here:…
Custom adopt
Clyde: anthro custom by flare-goes-OM
For he info, go here: flare-goes-om-adopts.deviantar… (all customs will be 40 points)
Ref sheet
Ambros Ref (sweet dreams character) by flare-goes-OM
Mistyskies Ref by flare-goes-OM
Duststorm Ref by flare-goes-OM
Ink ref by flare-goes-OM
Amnesia ref by flare-goes-OM
Raven ref by flare-goes-OM
⇢ front view of the character
⇢ back view of character
⇢ headshot of character
⇢ close up on eyes
⇢ close up on tongue/nose
⇢ close up on paws
⇢ design notes
⇢ name
⇢ age
⇢ gender
⇢ species (optional)
⇢ nicknames (optional)
⇢ color palette
⇢ items worn
⇢ any additional notes
⇢ option to have a abstract/transparrent/white background
Complex animated picture
Run cycle test anamatic version (critique please!) by flare-goes-OM
*keep in mind the example is a wip* this will be something like a run cycle or climbing a tree, etc always shading. Max 1 character
Simple animated picture
Mai-mai-mari's comish! by flare-goes-OM
This will be a simple animated picture ex glowing, floating, lightning, rain, snow, you get the idea. Always comes shaded. Max 1 character
Animated icons
pretty in pink (art trade) by flare-goes-OM
HAPPY B-DAY SONICSALLYWOLFSDOG!!! (hope animated) by flare-goes-OM
You can choose one of the animations below:
tail wag
ear flick
*you may ask for others*
DIGITAL full body
Imagination (happy birthday Iciss!) (+speedpaint) by flare-goes-OM
accumulated energy {art trade} by flare-goes-OM
Delicate in every way but one {+speed paint!} by flare-goes-OM
It's here {curs3d} by flare-goes-OM
{I get along with the voices inside my head} by flare-goes-OM
Max 2 characters. Always comes with shading and a background. You can choose between complex (scenery) intermediate, (abstract) or simple (polka dot, stripes etc) will always be digital. You may request poses. You may also ask for the glitch effect.
Full body (transparent/simple background)
{AT} Look at me im cute by flare-goes-OM
GIVE ME YOUR BELLY RUBS (art trade) by flare-goes-OM
Art trade with Mai :) by flare-goes-OM
comish for sugarsweetness3 by flare-goes-OM
ID for XEmberwolf by flare-goes-OM
Max 2 characters. Will come with shading. You may choose between transparent background or simple (ex polka-dots) most popular commission
ill stop the whole world by flare-goes-OM
Zoe {gift art} by flare-goes-OM
Iron artist 2 (angel-McCormick) by flare-goes-OM
Iron artist 1 (adoptables11) by flare-goes-OM
You have the choice of a flat color or shaded headshot, same difference. Max one character. Can include name, and/or simple background (ex splatters)


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